Saturday 8-19-17

Saturday 8/19/17
Out by 7am, the high school girls have practice!

Find out how to reach, rotate and relax to swim faster...

Warm up-
3/2x200s @ 3:10...75 swim 25 zipper drill
3x/2x100s pull @ 1:40 breath 3,5,7,3 by 25s
300/200 kick with fins descend by 100s

Drill set-
6x75/50s @ 1:20
25-3/4 catch up, 25-3/6 switch, 25 regular free

3/6 Switch:
  1. Promotes rotation
  2. Promotes proper position and rhythm when breathing
  3. Promotes a strong kick
How to do it:
In a freestyle position, kick with one arm out and one at the side for six kicks, then take three strokes freestyle and repeat on the other side. The key points are to be at an angle to the water when kicking (> 45 degrees) and to look toward the bottom of the pool more, and remembering to breath out when kicking and take a breath only during the 3-stroke phase of the drill. As with all drills, this is done for technique, not time.

Main #1
4 x 25's @ :30, 
Odds- GOAL 100 race pace
Evens- easy
100 pull

Main #2
10 x 50's @ 1:00 
odds at GOAL 200 race pace, evens EASY recovery

Cool down 

Tuesday 8/15/17

Tuesday 8/15/17

The Fall/Winter Season starts today! I have a couple of announcements….

Practices on Tuesdays will begin at 7:45pm, we can get in the 6 shallow lanes at that time and then will have 10 lanes at 8:00pm. Water polo conditioning will be using 2 lanes in the deep end. Please organize yourselves in lanes knowing this.

Practices on Thursdays will begin at 7:45pm, we can get in 10 lanes (6 shallow, 4 deep) starting at 7:45pm. Water polo conditioning will be using 2 lanes in the deep end. Again, please organize yourselves into lanes knowing this.

Warm up:
400/200 free
200 pull
200 kick

Drill set:
9/6x50s free drills @ 1:00
3- 3/4 catch up
3- zipper
3- 3 pull 6 kicks

Focus on full reach extension
Reaching full extension in freestyle is a necessary foundation for swimmers at every level. Learning to create a line to glide through the water, which requires balance, will allow you the ability to make decisions later on efficiency or speed. 
Things to remember:
1 - Swim slow, smooth freestyle, focusing the attention on extending the fingers as far out front as possible.
2 - Focus ONLY on extending the hand as far forward as possible, and not on the pull, finish, or recovery of the stroke.
3 - Feel what part of the hand has the most pressure on it. It should be the relaxed fingers out front, not the palm.

Main set:
4x50 @ 1:00
3/2x100 @ 1:45
2/1x150 @ 3:00
1x200 @ 3:30
2/1x150 @ 2:45
3/2x100 @ 1:40
4x50 @ :55

Cool down

Fall/Winter Season

Fall/Winter Season starts today!

Please make sure you are registered-

Thursday 7/20/17

Masters 7/20/17
Last practice of the summer!
There are water polo games. We should be getting in at 8:15pm.

Warm Up: 1200

500 choice swim
300 pull
4 x 100 @ 2:00 IMO
one of each stroke( 50 drill/50 swim)

Main Set: 1800
Do the following 3x;
1x 200 FR @ 3:15 descend by round

2 x 50 no FR pull (5 push ups before each 50)

2x100 FR @ 1:30 build by 25 to all out last 25

2 x 50 choice kick (10 squats after each 50)

200 easy