I'm not posting the workout for Tuesday. I've heard a rumor that other teams and possibly YOUR nemesis are trying to train just like we are.

It's time to differentiate yourselves from them.

Spring Break is over people.

See you Tuesday

~Coach Steve


400 swim
300 pull
200 kick
5/4 rounds of:

200 choice
4x50 choice
Cool Down

Double Practice - March 2013

Please join us at Brixie's (9526 Ogden Avenue, Brookfield, IL) after Thursday's practice for a little social get-together.

No purchase necessary.

Brixie's Thursday Specials:  
50 Cent Wings (Dressing & Veggies .50 Each)
$2 PBR Tallboys
$3 Shots of Buffalo Trace Bourbon


1000/800 swim
3 x 500 descend
4 x 75 easy





Starts or flip turn work to end the practice

Volunteers Needed!

Dare2tri is hosting a couple more swim clinics for the Veterans at the Hines Spinal Cord Injury Unit and would love your help.
The events will take place at the Waters Edge (545 John Street) from 9 AM – 11 AM on the following dates:

Thursday, March 28
Thursday, April 25
Thursday, May 16
Thursday, June 27

Karin Carney, Sharon Bielski, Nicole Goers, Marian Pezdek, Terry Shea, and Mark Truax have participated in previous clinics and can answer general questions about volunteering.

Please contact Keri Schindler at 847-942-6937 or keri@dare2tri.org if you are interest in helping out.
What do you do as a volunteer?
It all depending on your comfort level.  Based on the past clinics...

There are veterans who just wants to get in the water and move around (similar to water aerobics).  As a volunteer, you just hang out with the veterans in the water and keep them company.

There are veterans who haven
't been in the water in ages so you help them become re-acclimated to the water (e.g., helping the veteran walk from one end of the pool to another, helping the veteran float on their backs with the assistance of noodles, helping the veterans become comfortable putting their face in the water, assisting them in swimming).  As a volunteer, you want to make sure the veteran feels safe as they try new things in the water.

There are veterans who are working to improve their strokes and distances. We were told many veterans are trying to become scuba certified so they are practicing to meet the scuba swimming requirement. 

Two volunteers are typically placed with each veteran to help with stability and making sure the veteran feels safe.
 The water can get chilly after awhile, so you might want to bring a wetsuit if you have one.


200 swim
200 pull
200 kick
200 drill
4 x 50 build
12/8 x 100 IM
8/6 x 75 free
200 cool down


Reminder....no Saturday practice this week!

400/300 swim
300/200 pull
200 kick
8 x 25 build
8/6 x 200 choice
4 x 50 breast stroke kicks
100 cool down

No Saturday Practice

There is no Saturday practice this week due to a water polo tournament that LT is hosting.


It's been a Long Long Time since we had a DEEPEND WORKOUT! Get your game faces on! Ill have the puke buckets on deck.

For the shallow end:

500/400 swim
300/200 pull
4 x 50 kick(no board!)
4 x 300 (middle 100 is STRONG KICK)
4 x 75 IMO
200 cool down


1000 swim
10/8 x 150
Odds are free/choice/free(by50)
Evens are IMO/free(by75)
Cool down of choice


300/200 swim
300/200 pull
200 kick
Sprint cycle
5/4 rounds of:

25 fly
50 free
75 free/choice/free
100 free
75 IMO
50 choice
25 free
100 easy


300/200 pull
Sprint cycle
6 x 200 choice
6 x 50 underwater/sprint free
6 x 25 choice
Cool down

Remember, Water Polo starts right at 7am!


300 swim
200 pull
4x50 kick/drill
Sprint cycle
8/6 x 125 IM. Rotate 50 stroke
4 x 25 underwater
8/6 x 125 free. Rotate fast 50 free
200 easy


All After School activities at LTHS have been canceled.

That includes us! Enjoy your night off.

See you on Thursday!

Saturday am

Enjoy! Water Polo starts at 7am, FYI.

6 x 500
#1 warm up choice strokes
#2 with bouy and paddles
#3 acending (Start fast and bring it down per 100)
#4 swim w/fins @ pace (every 4th 25 drill)
#5 decending with fins and paddles (start slow, end fast)
#6 ez swim/kick/buoy/swim/kick by 100s

Big Shoulders 2013


Registration for Big Shoulders 5K and 2.5K is now open. 

When: September 7th 
Where: Ohio Street Beach
Cost:   Entry Fee is $65.00 if received by 4/30/2013
            Entry Fee is $80.00 from 5/1/2013 to 6/30/2013
            Entry Fee is $90.00 on and after 7/1/2013