Big Shoulders

I got this via email today, better hurry if you want to swim:

"Just a friendly reminder - price jumps up after tomorrow from $60 to $70 to participate in Big Shoulders 2011. As if that's not incentive enough to get you registered, we are rapidly approaching our sellout number - 1,000. Get registered today at

Remember, this year's motto (it's an evolving motto): No Waitlist, No Late Entries, No Favors from the race director to slip you in the back door, No Refunds, No Deferrals, No Transfers, and of course, NO WHINING!"

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Week of June 28th

Here are the workouts for the week.  I am taking requests for Saturday's practice since it is a holiday weekend.  Please comment on this post with your suggestions.

A downloadable/printable copy of the workout can be found HERE

Week of June 28th

Alcatraz Swim

On Saturday, while we were "pretending" to be swimming in open water, Jay was in CA swimming the Alcatraz swim.  He finished 1.5 miles in 35 minutes and placed 74th in the male wetsuit division.  There were 900 swimmers total that participated in the event.  It sounds like the currents probably put the swim at about 2 miles when it was all said and done.

Pretty impressive Jay!  Nice Job!

Indoor Open Water Training - Saturday AM

I just wanted to share with those of you who missed practice this morning what we were up to.   There will be more of this in the future, so don't worry you didn't completely miss out on the fun!

Warm Up
10/7 laps

Main Set
6/4 x 2 laps - focusing on corkscrew buoy turns RI=20 secs
8/5 x 1 laps - drill down/swim back  RI=15 secs

Cool Down
2 laps with "pier start"  in 2 waves



Social Gathering

Thursday Night after practice we are going to have a "social gathering". Anyone interested? Where do you want go??? Comment below!

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Week of June 20th

Thanks for all the feedback on your lake swim availability.  I'll be posting more on that soon.

A printable/downloadable copy of the workouts can be found HERE

Week of June 20th

Lake Swim??

We need to start thinking about getting a few lake swims in soon.  Please leave a comment on this post with what times/days work best for you and we can try to put some kind of a schedule together. 

Coach Steve

SAA - A great way to get open water training time in!

We still have plenty of room on our roster for Swim Across America!  Please consider supporting your teammates and joining our team!  We all have friends, family and even teammates that have been affected by cancer. 

I know there are a lot of you who are planning on swimming Big Shoulders or a Triathlon this summer, why not help a great cause and get some great open water experience in at the same time!

Click Here For More Info

Coach Steve

More Race Results!

I received some more news on another great triathlon performance! 

Lori participated in the Batavia Triathlon in a relay, filling in for thier swimmer who could not participate.  I have yet to have these results verified, but the rumor is that they got second place overall!  Nice job Lori!

Note to everyone:

If you compete in an event of any kind, please send me results so we can brag about how great we are!!

Go Lyons Masters, In and Out of the water!!!

Week of June 13th

I just want to give a shout out to Sara L!  Rumors are flying around about your recent triathlon performances!!  First place and Second place in your age group in the last two triathlons?!?!  I also heard you had really fast swims!  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Nice Job Sara!  Way to represent our team!!

Here are the workouts for the week.  A downloadable/printable copy can be found here

Week of June 13th

More proof that our Team motto is accurate!

Ted Erikson

I just read an article in Discovery News about Joe Locke, who is attempting to swim across the Red Triangle.  While I found this article to be really interesting, as I love reading about people pushing their limits, what really caught my attention was this paragraph:

"Locke crossed the English Channel last year, but plenty of people have done that. If he succeeds on this challenge, he'll become the second person ever to solo-swim the Red Triangle route. The last time someone pulled and kicked across the whole thing was in 1967, when swimmer Ted Erikson finished with a time of 14 hours and 38 minutes."

It immediately reminded me about my Big Shoulders swim in 2007.  It was my first(and only) time I have swam that event and while I was reviewing the race results, I was shocked!! to see who placed 4 places AHEAD of me.  I finished 64th overall, but a man by the name of Ted Erikson finished at 60th overall.  Why is that shocking you may be asking yourself??  Well at the time, Ted Erikson was 79 years old.  Yes you read that correctly!  I was in the best swimming shape I have been in in over 15 years and a 79 year old man beat me.  So I started researching and discovered that Ted Erikson is one of the greatest open water swimmers ever.  You should take the time to read about the accomplishments of Ted and his dog, Umbra.  They are absolutely amazing!

Team Work

Katy ran her first 5K since Teddy showed up on Friday Night.  It was a pretty great 5K race called the LaGrange Rocks 5K which Karin C helped organize.  During her race she got a high five from Karen P and with about a 1/2 mile to go Deanna, who was spectating in flip flops and a backpack saw her and said something along the lines of "I'll run you in".

We are a team in and out of the water and I think that is one of the coolest things about being a part of Lyons Masters!


No Fear! You can do anything you set your mind to!


 "Until a few weeks ago, Mr Akinwolere was unable to swim a length and was terrified of open water."

"It's an absolute triumph to have completed this swim, after having had just over 10 weeks of swimming training I still cannot believe how far I've come"

Read what happened here.

Swim Across America

We have an opportunity here people.  An opportunity to make a difference.

Let's show Cancer and Lake Michigan NO MERCY!

I know a lot of you are training for an open water event or triathlon.  Why not get some great open water practice in and at the SAME TIME help raise money for cancer research!

Check out the letter that our SAA Team Captain, Nicole wrote.  I hope it motivates you to swim with your teammates OR at least show your support by donating to help fight cancer! 

Hope to see you in the Lake!

Coach Steve

Week of June 7th

A printable/downloadable copy can be found here.

Week of June 7th

Open Water Swim Clinic

There is an open water swim clinic being held in Noblesville, IN on June 12th if anyone is interested.  Sounds like a nice opportunity to learn a lot of valuable skills from some very knowledgeable people.  I will not be attending but if you go please do some recon for me on the 25k race, anyone interested in doing that in 2012?  I might be!

For more information, click here

Breaking News!

I just received word that the bulkhead has been officially moved for the summer. That means we now have 6 lanes of 50 yards to work with.

Tonight is going to be a little tricky to split up since this is our last night of sharing the pool with the age group kids. Be prepared for some controlled chaos.

This also means that on Saturday we can no longer have a deep end workout, FYI.

See you at the pool
Coach Steve.

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