Thursday 28th Last day of the month if you would all like to go to Hillgrove, Kennys, Brixies for a drink practice.

8x25 Fast, Easy IMO 2 of each stroke :30

x4 IMO

3x100 move build 50. @1:30
3x50pull :50 4breaths total
100kick IMO by round 25FAST/25EZ 2:00

Sectional Saturday 2/16/19

500 mix up strokes and freestyle

8x25 sprint cycle choice :30

6x100 odds: Max Distance Per Stroke Evens: build 5 push ups after each

6x75 10 squats after each

6x50 dec 1-3 asc 4-6 1:30 5 push ups

6x25 stroke no free 10 squats

3x100 paddles and pull or swim if you'd like to swim @1:30

100 cool down :)

Saturday 5:30am start time 6:30am end need to be out please and thanks!

warm up
400free every 4th 25 is RIMO
200pull with paddles
16x25 sprint cycle 4 of each stroke :30/:35

kick is choice
75 fast/easy/fast 1:30
50 easy/fast 1
25 fast! :30

main set
5x100 25 yard progression 1:25/1:30
12x25 :35 2. fast 3. fast 4. easy pick stroke or mix it up
5x75 build @1:10
6x50 just make :40/45
3x100 pull with paddles breathing 3/5/5/7 1:30

cool down


Saturday due to the Lyons Classic at south we need to be out by 6:30am as warm ups start at 6:40-6:45am! Thanks


4x25 sprint cycle

3x300 @4:30
1.Negitive Split
2. 50fast/50easy
3. pull dec each 100

4x75 IMO kick/drill/build @1:20

3x100 free dec 1-3 @1:25

6x50 2 of each stroke no freestyle @ :55

12x25 @ :40

1. Underwater
2. kick on surface IMO
3. Fast swim IMO

2x100 50scull/50over kick @1:40

100easy cool down

Saturday 2/2 pick an interval and have fun!

200IM drill/swim
200Swim build each 100
100 kick
4x25 sprint cycle

3x200 negative split 2:45/3:00    1500

x2 1round free 1round choice/IM
3x150 @2:10 50build :10 second rest on wall 100 fast!
3x50 @:45 hold 29-35 seconds keep the same for all 3!
4x25 :25/:30 As Fast As Possible

cool down