Week of November 29th

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend, but its time to get back into the swing of things.

See you at the pool!

For a downloadable/printable copy of the workout, click HERE

Week of Nov 29th

ThanksGiving Week


Hello Everyone!

Please note that our practice schedule is different this week:

Tuesday = REGULAR TIME 8-9pm

Thanksgiving morning = 8-10am That's right.....2 hours people!

Saturday practice = Sleep in! We do not have practice!!!


All registered Lyons Master's swimmers are allowed to attend practice on Thanksgiving morning. We are going to break the workout into two(2) one hour sessions essentially. We will have a normal practice going on in the shallow end and a Holiday Deep End Extravaganza in the deep pool. After these practices are completed, you are free to leave and go home to your families, or you can stay and either continue to get some training time in or work on stroke work or racing skills. We might even do a relay or two, just for fun.  I am hoping that some of you "advanced" swimmers will be willing to lend a hand to help with that part of the practice. I can only be in so many places at once.....remember I only have one good thumb!

There are no posted workouts this week.  Just show up mentally prepared to work extra hard!

See you Tuesday!
Coach Steve

Week of Nov 15th

Tonight we will be doing a DEEP END WORKOUT.  I hope you have been doing your homework!  You have one more week of the same assignment:

2x this week:

3 x 10 push ups
3 x 10 air squats
2 x 20 second planks

Saturday's practice is at 7:00am - 8:00am

A downloadable/printable copy of the workout can be found HERE


Week of Nov 15th

Week of Nov 8th

I have heard through the grapevine that a lot of you are sore from Saturday's Deep End workout.....Sounds like a lot of you haven't been doing any dryland training on your own. Here is your homework.

Do this 3x this week:

3 x 10 push ups
3 x 10 air squats
2 x 20 second planks

More Deep End workouts are coming........prepare your self!

IMPORTANT NOTE: SATURDAY'S PRACTICE IS AT 6:00AM due to LTHS hosting the Sectional Meet.

For a Downloadable/printable copy of the work out click HERE

Week of Nov 8th

ILMSA/USMS Registration

The 2012 Illinois Masters Swimming Association (ILMSA) forms are here.  We need you to fill out the form and return it this week. 

DO NOT INCLUDE A CHECK !  The ILMSA/USMS registration fee was included in your Lyons Masters Swim Team registration (i.e., $320).

Forgot your USMS number?  Find it here.  
Club/Team (workout group) Designation:  LYON

Please return the form by...

Mailing to:  PO Box 61 Western Springs, IL  60558
Emailing to:  rules3k@aol.com
Giving to:   Coach Steve

Week of Nov 1st

Time to burn off all the candy you ate!

See you at the pool!

A downloadable/printable copy of the work out can be found here

Week of Nov 1st