Welcome to the Lyons Masters Team's website!

Here is some of the information you can find here.
  • Workouts - The "Workouts" menu bar link provides an archive of all our workouts.  You’ll also have the opportunity to comment and provide feedback on the individual workouts and find fun workouts to use outside of practice.
  • Meets – While participating in a swim meet or open water event can be intimidating, it can also be fun.  We, as a team, are going to work on developing the skills needed to participate in these sort of events so that they will be more fun than intimidating.  Hopefully you’ll consider participating or at least coming out to support your fellow teammates.  The events that the team will be focusing on are listed under the “Meet” menu bar link.  Information regarding dates, registration, directions, meeting spots, and results will also be posted.
  • Links – Need a copy of your USMS membership card?  Want to re-read that article in USMS Swimmer magazine?  Or do you want to know how cold Lake Michigan is?  The “Links” menu bar link provides you with links to sites that provide this information and much more.  Hopefully, this will save us all a little bit of time.
  • Bulletin Board - The "Bulletin Board" link is a message board for members to use to communicate with one another.  It allows you to start a new topic of conversation or comment on an existing topic.  Hopefully, you'll use it to access each other and your similar interests.