State Results!

Congrats to the 14 LYONS MASTERS Swimmers who participated in the State Meet this past weekend!

Results can be found here:

Naperville Waves won the meet with 1/2 of their team represented. That's 100 out of the 200 swimmers on their team. A GREAT GOAL for us would be to have 1/2 of our team there next year!

Look at the results - y'all can do it!

All ages and abilities are represented.



500 free
5 x 100 (50 drill,50 swim)
400 pull
4 x 100 IM
300 kick
3 x 100 free FAST
200 choice
2 x 100 easy

Summer Session Open

The registration is open for the Summer session.  It runs from June 4th - August 1st.

To sign up:

Go to the Lyons Swim Club webpage and click on registration.


10 minute WU

All Free:
200 swim
200 pull
200 pull with paddles
200 swim with paddles
200 swim with paddles and fins
200 swim with fins
200 swim. Record your time for your own personal record keeping.
Cool Down your choice


Good Luck to Mont & Jane who are competing in the 1650 at state tonight and tomorrow night.

State swimmers, this is your last chance to dial in your swimming, take advantage!

Non state swimmers, here is your workout:

800/600 swim
16/12 x 75 free,IMO,free
5 x 100 (50 drill/50 free)
300 swim


State swimmers will be having a meeting on deck during warm up. Lanes 4,5,6 of deepend are for state swimmers. It's only one week away!

300 swim
200 pull
200 kick
4 x 50 drill/build
8 x 125 choice. Totally up to you!
8 x 50 free. Push the pace!
8 x 25 choice. Long streamlines!
300 easy

Double Practice - April 2013

Please join us at Kenny's (917 West 55th Street, Countryside, IL) after Thursday's practice. 

Kenny's Thursday Specials:
$3 U-Call-It's *no shots & no rocks*
$4.95 Wraps (Chicken Caesar, or Buffalo Chicken) w/fries or chips

Mark You Calendars!  At Coach Steve's request, Double Practice in May will be at Brixie's (9526 Ogden Avenue, Brookfield, IL) on May 23rd after our last practice of the season.

Volunteers Needed!

Dare2tri and the Hines VA have eight vets, all ambulatory, who are signed up to come swim this Thursday from 9am-11am at Waters Edge (545 John Street).
Please contact Keri at if you can help out.

Fitter & Faster Swim Tour - Masters Clinic

The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour will be holding a Masters Clinic on June 2nd at the Naperville North High School.

Early bird pricing ($135 vs. $175) ends tomorrow (April 20th).

- Improve your stroke efficiency
- Learn drills to improve your technique
- Learn the tricks of training for open water while swimming in a pool
- Watch drills and demonstration on our 100 inch screen!
- Proper nutrition and recovery
- Participate in a FFT "Round Table" discussion with the Olympian clinicians 
- Receive a special gift bag that contains gifts from, Powerbar, Swimming World Magazine and more!

Use promotional codes: lyonsmasters or napermasters

2013, IL Naperville Masters Clinic from Fitter & Faster Swim Tour on Vimeo.

Thursday is cancelled!

All activities at LT have been cancelled which includes us.

Eat a nice dinner instead.

See you Saturday.


300 swim
200 pull
200 kick
Sprint cycle
100 IM
4 x 25 fly
100 IM
4 x 25 back
100 IM
4x25 breast
100 IM
4x25 free
8/6 x 75 free
6/4 x 25 underwater kick
8/6 x 25 choice
300 easy


10 minute Warm Up
1650 for time
Bonus set if time
Cool Down

State swimmers doing 200 yard races or less will have a special workout. Taper begins!


By now you should have all received an email with a ballot for the Lyons Swim Club - Board of Directors election.  If not, be sure to check your spam mail.

There are five candidates running for three three-year terms and one one-year term.

Click HERE to download a ballot and vote.  Ballots can be submitted via email or snail mail but need to be received before May 1, 2013 to be tabulated.

Candidates (Listed Alphabetically by Last Name)

Erik Claesson 
My name is Erik Claesson.  I am a father of four swimmers, Henry (13), Hayden (11), Emily and Sarah (both 8). About one million years ago, I was an age group and High School swimmer and I am one of those parents who enjoy sitting in the stands and watching practice. With the support of my wife Susan, I have had the privilege of serving on the board the past three years during which time I served as Secretary for two years and Vice-President the last year. I have organized the 2011 and 2012 club directories, 2012 club survey, Brian Donatelli Pep Rally and served as Chair of the special events committee where I have been aided by awesome parent volunteers to put on some great special events and parties this past season. 

My vision for the club is the same as it was when I ran for the board in 2010. The following bio is what I submitted in when I ran for the board in 2010. 

I have a degree in Public Relations from Purdue and I am a small business owner and would like to serve on the Board of the LSC for several reasons. I believe the LSC should be a place where swimmers enter the program as beginners and through hard work and proper coaching improve and grow to love the sport of swimming. I want the program to be a place where our kids learn about cheering on their teammates and where they make lifelong friendships.   Where seasoned parents welcome and encourage new families to embrace the program and where older swimmers help the beginners by setting an example of leadership and sportsmanship. 

I believe my experience and knowledge will help the LSC continues to develop as a community based program where divers, water polo players and swimmers from 7 to 70 play hard, work hard and each receive the proper support and coaching from the program to reach their goals as individuals and as a community based swim program.

Rick Conneely

Rick and his wife Leslie have lived in LaGrange since 2004. Their daughters Anna and Kerry joined the Lyons Swim Club in 2009 and absolutely love swimming, their teammates and coaches. Rick is a lifelong athlete with triathlons, skiing and golf among his current favorites; he played Division 1 golf while in college. Rick is a graduate of Marquette University (BS) and DePaul University (MBA). He currently is responsible for Global Business Operations at Panduit Corporation. Getting involved in his kids' activities is important to him, so you might have met him as an Indian Princesses tribe chief, AYSO referee, timing at countless Lyons and LaGrange Field Club swim meets, or Cossitt and Park school events.   Rick particularly appreciates that Lyons Swim Club has taught his children not only how to compete with focus and determination, but to do it with a strong sense of sportsmanship. He hopes to use his collaborative work style and deep sports background to join the dedicated group of parents on the board committed to fostering a love of swimming, water polo and team pride.

Grant Dixon

Grant Dixon was born and raised in Western Springs and has been a swimmer his whole life.    Grant swam for Lyons Swim Club, LaGrange Country Club and LT. He also played water polo at LT and then in college at Indiana University. Professionally, Grant is a personal injury lawyer in LaGrange and has been in private practice for over 20 years. He remains very active in the community. Grant is President of the Rotary Club of Western Springs, a member of the LaGrange Memorial Hospital Foundation, and serves on several committees at Christ Church in Oak Brook. Grant, his wife Susan, and three children live in LaGrange. Grant and Susan’s youngest two children, Madeline (13) and Grant (8), swim for Lyons.

Jacqueline Mesec

I would like to introduce myself and my desire to become a Board of Director for the Lyons Swim Club.

My husband (Bob), son (Frankie) and I have lived in Lyons Township in the Village of Willow Springs for over 10 years and Indian Head Park for over three years. Frankie attends Pleasantdale Middle School and is currently on Team 1. I too am a swimmer and am a member of the Lyons Masters Swim Team. I’ve been a Master Swimmer for over 12+ years on both Lyons and Oak Brook Master Swim Teams.  
As a lifetime swimmer, I am very passionate about swimming as a team sport and would love the opportunity to become a Board Member to continue the excellence of Lyons Swim Club. I’m confident that I have the passion, drive and experience as a leader to be an asset to the Lyons Swim Club. 

Outside of swimming, I have been a professional business person for 25+years primarily in the technology industry working with Fortune 100+ companies. Financial performance accountability and organizational skills are key attributes that I will be able to bring to my role as a Board Member.

My main goal would be to focus on our children. Team sports need to be fun and kids need to feel they are advancing their skills, getting better/faster, and learning to be athletes. By listening to our outstanding coaches and providing fresh ideas and new perspectives I believe we can continue our success and increase our retention rates.

My second goal would be to focus on our fiscal strength. We need to look at new opportunities for our Swim Team, Dive Team, Water Polo Team, and Masters Team to help generate revenue and even membership. 

I ask for your support and vote to be your next member of the Lyons Swim Club Board of Directors. Thank you in advance for your confidence.

Todd Stahl

Janice and I have lived in La Grange for 14 years and have two children - Perri - age 11 on Team 5, year round swimmer and Zach, age 14, year round political advisor.

We have been part of LSC for 4 years and have had a blast engaging in all manner of volunteer efforts, including Janice running hospitality for coaches and staff at home meets the past 2 years, and I serving on the board this past year.

Beyond swimming I own a steel brokerage business which has afforded me the opportunity to be part of LSC, AYSO as a coach for the past several years and as one of the Y- Indian Princess Nations Chiefs.

We are grateful and impressed by the organization and benefits offered both physically and socially to swimmers. (Perri has made lots of new friends and we have enjoyed being part of the LSC family) I would continue to commit time and talents to help ensure our great experiences would be repeated for other families through this position while helping the club stretch and achieve goals beyond our local spheres and continue building upon an exceptional season.

State Meet Roster

Get ready to rumble! 660 swimmers representing 42 teams have entered the 2013 Illinois State Meet. A new record!

Go Lyons Masters! Nice work on getting registered! Good Luck to all!


500 swim
300 pull
4 x 50 build

8/6 rounds of:

25 fly
50 free
75 im
50 choice


200 easy


*** There is no Saturday practice due to a LTHS Water Polo Tournament***

500/400 swim
300/200 pull
200 kick
Sprint Cycle
12/10 x 125
Odds are IM rotate the 50
Evens are free

12/10 x 25 choice
Cool Down

No Saturday Practice

Due to a LTHS Water Polo Tournament, we will have no practice on Saturday April 13th.

Enjoy your weekend


4 x 300 choice
12/8 x 100 IM
8 x 25 underwater
300 cool down

ILMSA State Meet Registration

The deadline to register for the state meet is Monday, April 8th.

Don't delay any longer! Sign Up ASAP!