The power of streamline

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in swimming.

Week Of Oct 25th

Remember, Tonight we are having a social gathering at Kenny's after practice. Its a perfect way to recover from a few 500's

Saturday practice is back to our normal time of 7:00am

Here you go:

For a printable/downloadable copy of the workout click HERE

Week of Oct 25th

Post-Practice Practice

Bring your "real" clothes to practice on Tuesday and join us post-practice at Kenny's.

Catch up with your teammates and see what they've been up to...

Don't worry - We'll have name tags so you won't have to remember anyone's names.

Saturday Practice - 6 am

Don't forget practice is at 6am tomorrow morning.

Hope to see you early tomorrow.

In case you need some motivation...


Tonight's practice has been canceled!

Coach Steve had an accident at work today and cut his thumb.  Don't worry - he and his thumb are going to be okay.  He will be going in for a little tendon surgery around 3pm and won't be able to make it to practice. We tried to find some replacements but the notice was just too short.

This means we'll all have to reconsider that 6am Saturday morning practice.

Enjoy your evening off!

P.S.  Don't forget to email the numbers of rounds you swam on Tuesday.  Email to:
P.S.S.  Surgery was a success.  Thumb will make a full recovery.

Week of Oct 18th

Hey All,

**Important Note - Saturday AM practice is 6:00am-7:00am due to an Age Group Swim meet.

Here are the workouts for the week.

See you in the pool

Coach Steve

For a printable/downloadable copy of the workout, click HERE

Week of Oct 18th

Week of Oct 11th

Sorry for the delay guys, I really am going to try to be doing the weekly posts on Monday nights.

This week, or at least just tonight is going to be a little crazy.  Due to the pool closure at North Campus we are going to be sharing pool time tonight with some of the off season High School Boys until 8:30.

They are going to be in Lane 1,2 and possibly 3 of the Deep End.  For all you ladies down there, I am going to temporarily relocate you to the shallow end and will secure a lane for you.  I'll let you know where tonight.

Hopefully this will all get resolved soon, but keep in mind that we may need to be accomodating this week.

See you tonight
Coach Steve

For a downloadable/printable copy of the workout, click HERE

Week of Oct 11th

Catch Up

Start the weekend off with a splash!

Practice is from 7-8am tomorrow.  If you don't have to run off right away - plan on grabbing a quick breakfast after practice with the team.

Where:  Great American Bagel or Honey Bee Cafe
When:  October 8, 8-8:15am

South Pool Still Open

Tonight's practice will NOT be impacted by the temporary closure of the North Pool.

Get ready for some individual medley (aka IM) tonight.

See you tonight.
Coach Steve

Week of Oct 4th - WEEK 1 !!

For tonight, we are going to have a quick meeting just to say hello and answer some questions and then any returning swimmers can begin the workout while I discuss more details with our new members.
See you soon!
Coach Steve

A downloadable/printable copy can be found here.
Week of Oct 4th

Less than 48 hours away!

Hey All,

I am so excited that our new season starts up in about 48 hours!  I will post the weeks workouts tomorrow, but first we need to go over a few things.

If you have NOT registered, please do so immediately!  Registration info can be found here.

Our first practice I expect to be pretty chaotic, FYI.  We have a bunch of new people joining the team.  WELCOME!  and its going to take a few days to get the lanes figured out.  I know a lot of you are creatures of habit and I encourage you to go to your usual lanes of choice for Day 1.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND......I will be eventually placing you in a lane, which may or may not be your usual location.

Since we have a lot to do on Day 1, I want to share with you now what has been going on in my life recently.

A little over a week ago my niece (Brother's daughter, 16 months old) came down with a simple cold that quickly spiraled out of control.  She has been in critical condition since last weekend and is fighting so bravely for her life right now.  This has been the hardest week of my life to date.  She is getting better, but the road to recovery is going to be incredibly long and difficult.  Life for our family is going to continue to be a struggle for longer than any of us would like.

I have to be completely honest, I am tired.  I am tired mentally, physically and more than anything emotionally.  We have found strength however through each other and the community we live in.  The outpouring of prayers and caring thoughts has been over whelming to say the least.

In the midst of all this horror and disbelief, I have been looking forward to reuniting with my Masters family.  You may think that sounds crazy (you newbies will understand soon enough, I promise), but I am inspired every time I see you guys discover what you are capable of.  You guys give me so much strength!

You can find out more about my dear niece, Emmy, here:

She has been receiving wonderful emails from people we know and even from complete strangers across the globe (I am not kidding).  One such email contained this quote:

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

                               -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know that many of you are scared of how out of shape you have gotten.

I know that some of you haven't been in the pool for a very long time.

I also know that I witnessed many of you dig deep last year and fight through those fears and obstacles and transform your life for the better.

This week I have been watching this beautiful 16 month old girl fight harder than anyone I have ever seen before.

The time has come for you to find out how strong and tough you are.

See you on Tuesday

- Coach Steve