We will be using Thursdays practice

North Campus Pool

Saturday's practice will be at the North Campus (100 S. Brainard Ave., La Grange, IL) @ 6:00am.

Parking:  Please park in the lot off W. Cossitt Ave. (west of North Campus buildings)
Door to Pool:  Entrance off Brainard Ave. (see red arrow in picture)


WARM UP: 600

200 FR (25 drill / 25 swim)
200 IM (25 left arm / 25 right arm)
200 TNT

I will have a lane or two in the shallow end where I will help walk through and explain these balance drills for anyone interested.  We will also incorporate the drill posted in the Aqualyon under the Masters section.

3 x (4 x 25) w/fins
   25 FR kick (arms at side)
   25 FR kick (arms overhead grabbing elbows)

   25 FR kick (arms extended overhead in field goal position)
   25 FR catch drill (from post in Aqualyon)

MAIN SET: 1650 (1100)

(2)3 x (4 x 50, 2 x 75, 200) 

4 x 50 FR pull (descend 1-4, start with MDPS and increase amount of strokes per 25 by +1 as you get faster) @ :10 rest

2 x 75 FR swim / kick (25 TSFGC-up / 25 build / 25 fast kick w/board) @ :20 rest

200 FR swim (build by 50, start with MDPS and use kick to increase speed) @ :30 rest

Saturday Practice Location Change for 9/28

Their is a conflict at the South campus pool this Saturday 9/28. Instead of canceling we will be having practice at North campus @ 6:00am. This is only for this Saturday.


WARM UP: 1000 (800)

400 (350) FR (breathing 3's)

300 (250) IM (50 drill / 25 streamline kick on back)

200 (150) FR (4 FL kicks off wall)

100 (50) choice kick w/board

MAIN SET:  1650 (1150)
 The first 12 x 50 are freestyle for everyone.  The next 9 x 50 are your second choice of stroke (but NOT freestyle).  On the 6 x 50, you need to choose ANOTHER stroke that you haven't done yet.  Same thing on the final 3 x 50.  By the end of the set, you need to have incorporated all four strokes.  Choice of equipment throughout 

12 (8) x 50 FR @ 1:05 (:05 rest); every 4th 50 is fast

50 TSFGC-up easy 

9 (6) x 50 second stroke @ 1:10 (:10 rest); every 3rd 50 is fast

50 TSFGC-up easy 

6 (4) x 50 third stroke @ 1:15 (:15 rest); every 3rd 50 is fast (every other fast)

50 TSFGC-up easy 

3 (2) x 50 fourth stroke @ 1:20 (:20 rest); descend 1-3 (1 easy, 1 fast)

Are You Ready?

Season starts this Tuesday.  Do you have all the equipment you want or need?

Equipment we use:

Pull Buoy
Paddles (optional)

Urban Tri Gear will be at LT South on Tuesday the 24th from 5:45-7:15 if anyone needs to pick up the listed equipment.  There are kickboards, pull buoys, and paddles available at LT to borrow in some what limited quantities.

Double Practice

Let's start the season off right...

Please join us at Brixie's (9526 Ogden Avenue, Brookfield, IL) after next Thursday's practice for a little social get-together.

No purchase necessary.

Brixie's Thursday Specials: 

50 Cent Wings (Dressing & Veggies .50 Each)
$2 PBR Tallboys
$3 Shots of Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Informational / Input meeting Recap

My Approach:

Do it my way, kinda my way, or your own way
  I would prefer that you do my practices the way they are written but, everybody has different goals, good and bad days, or injuries that limit what they can do.  You know what you want and I want you to be able to get that out of each and every practice and I will do my best to accommodate.  If you are going to stray from the coach's practice please let me know so I can adjust lanes accordingly. 

Seek me out for help
 I want to help everyone become better swimmers but, I don't want to impose anything on them.  Some people may have no interest in making stroke changes or sometimes all you want to do is get in and swim and that's fine.  Coach Marc and I are here to help so, if you have a question, want us to take a look at something, or need help with a stroke please ask we are more than happy to help.

Things I do:

Drill work
  Drills are important for understanding how the strokes should be performed, preventing injury, and creating efficiency.  Ultimately, this will allow you to swim faster with less effort and continue on with the sport for as long as you choose injury free.

Stroke & set variety
  The body adapts quickly so just swimming freestyle at the same pace over and over again will not yield the same results over time.  As a swimmer I always hated going back and forth just freestyle in monotonous sets so, I try to be as creative as possible with my sets while adding in other strokes and paces to keep things interesting and challenging.

One set
 I like to write one practice for the whole group with the mindset being that it is easy to gauge your own improvement.  For example, if you start the season only being able to get through one round of a set and by mid-season you are able to complete two you know that you have improved.

Things that will stay:

No radical changes
 Really not much will change from what Coach Steve has started other than the practice style

Double practices
 One of the greatest things about the Lyons Masters team is the camaraderie of the group and I plan to maintain that by continuing with fun social events like double practices.

Things we can do / open discussion:

Swim meets
 We will not be able to host a meet this year.  We will shoot for three meets this season with one of them being a intersquad/mock meet held at our pool in order to help familiarize swimmers to the process who have never competed in a meet before.

Modified practices
 I do like to write one practice for the group as stated before but, I will be writing modified practices so everyone has a full practice they can finish and feel a sense of accomplishment per the request of the group.

Test sets
 We will be performing test sets throughout the season in order help swimmers get a better idea of what pace or effort they should be holding during sets, lane placement, and gauging improvement.

Drill lanes
 I proposed the idea of taking one or two lanes during practice once a week to work on strokes, turns, and drills for anyone that wanted more specific instruction.  It was well received and will be implemented this season.

Posting of workouts
 Workouts will be posted on the Lyons Masters blog and should be accompanied by an email.  If you do not receive an email please check the blog as workouts will be posted approx. by noon on practice days (Friday nights for Saturday practices)

Dry land
 Dry land is very beneficial for masters swimmers to prevent injury and continue improvement in the sport, we are limited with our pool time so this should be done outside of practice time.  Anyone interested in a dry land program should contact Lyons Swim Club's new strength & conditioning coach Troy Dequaine. Troy's information can be found under the coaches tab on the Lyons Swim Club website.

Deep end / cross training practices
 There was a request for deep end practices that incorporate no traditional swimming and dry land exercises into a circuit  format.  I will plan on running a deep end practice about once a month, regular practice options will be available in the shallow end as well.

Volunteers Needed!

Dare2tri is looking for some volunteers to assist with a swim clinic for the veterans at the Hines VA.  These vets are coming from the blind group as well as the spinal cord injury group. Volunteers will get in the water and work with the vets to help them improve their comfort in the water and/or swimming skills.  The clinic is from about 9 AM - 11:00 AM on Thursday September 26th and is at the Waters Edge Pool located at 545 John Street Bensenville, IL 60106

Please email Keri at if you are available and interested in helping out with this clinic.


Fall/Winter/Spring Team Meeting

An informational / input meeting before the season starts to go over coach Joel's season plan and philosophy as well as collecting input and ideas from current members in order to help meet everyone's needs and goals.

LTHS South Campus Pool Stands
4900 Willow Springs Rd
Western Springs, IL 60558

Thursday September 12 @ 7:00pm

Anyone interested in joining the Lyons Masters Swim Team.