The dare2tri organization has 12 athletes racing at Pleasant Prairie this Sunday.  They have 2 athletes doing the Olympic distance race, 7 doing the sprint race and 3 doing the duathlon.  They are looking for a few more handlers who can hand the athletes their legs and crutches etc. when they get out of the water or help them get ready for bike to run etc.  This role does not require you to do any portion of the race with your athlete.  

They also need a few guides for our wheelchair athletes.  This role will require you to bike with your athlete when they bike and bike with them while they run.  You do not need to swim with them.  You will need to bring your own bike for this.  

The Olympic and Sprint will start for our athletes at 6:30 AM and then the duathlon will start around 7:00ish.  They are asking handlers to be there around 5:45 if you are helping a Olympic or Sprint triathlete and around 6:30 AM if you are helping a duathlete.  

Please contact Keri Schindler ( if you are interested in any of these roles. 

Thanks so much!