Thursday 8/18

Thursday 8/18/16
Warm up-
400/300 swim focus on tight streamlines and 2 dolphins kicks off the walls
200 pull breathing by 3

Kick set-
10/6x50s kick with fins @ 1:00/1:15
Flutter Kick:
Keep the toes pointed, and the kick narrow. The knees should bend, but not too much. You have to keep in mind that you're not only trying to develop an effective kick, but you're also trying to hide your legs behind the hole that the body in front of it cuts through the water. This is where "less is more" becomes very evident. By keeping the kick smaller, you create less resistance, and require less power. 

Drill set-
6x75/50s @ 1:20
25-3/4 catch up, 25-3/6 switch, 25 regular free
3/6 Switch:
1. Promotes rotation
2. Promotes proper position and rhythm when breathing
3. Promotes a strong kick
How to do it:
In a freestyle position, kick with one arm out and one at the side for six kicks, then take three strokes freestyle and repeat on the other side. The key points are to be at an angle to the water when kicking (> 45 degrees) and to look toward the bottom of the pool more, and remembering to breath out when kicking and take a breath only during the 3-stroke phase of the drill. As with all drills, this is done for technique, not time.

Main set-
8/4 x 25 free @ :30/:40
4 x 50 free @ :55/1:05
2/1 x 100 free @ 1:35/2:00
Round 2 is IMO (IM Order)

100 Cool Down

Total- 2850/2000