Day 1! Tuesday 9/16

Welcome to Day 1 of a new season! A preview of our meeting tonight:

1. USMS Registration. You must present me with this cards no later than Thursday, September 18th either via e-mail or paper copy. Please register here.

2. Goals! Not just for the age group kiddies! We all need goals! Fill out the goal sheet (I am posting later this week!) and return to me ASAP.

3. USMS Speedo 3000/6000-Yard ePostal National Championship discussion

4. Don't fret if you miss this meeting... I will post everything we discussed on the blog. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at

5. Take a look later this week at some of the links I posted regarding specific drills that may be used. As I mentioned in my Welcome Letter, if anyone is interested in a refresher, I will have a lane in the shallow lane designated for that tonight. If you can, before practice tonight, e-mail me at, if you are interested in this.

6. Print out the workout below for our first practice of the year! See you tonight!


300/200 swim
200 pull
100 kick
4 x 25 sprint cycle

3 x 50 free 25 body roll kick/ 25 6 kick switch drill 
3 x 50 IMO 25 kick/drill

    1 X 150 pull breathe every 3 strokes! (= both sides!)
    2 X 75 choice
    3 X 50 IMA (25 FL/25 BK; 25 BK/25 BR; 25 BR/25 FR)
    4 X 25 FAST FAST FREE!

100 cool down