Thursday 10/6/16

Thursday 10/6/16

Once again there is a HOME LTHS Girls’ Swim Meet. Please do not get in the water until the meet is over and the teams are out of the pool. I hope we will be able to start at 8pm. See you tonight.

This is one of my favorite freestyle videos! Enjoy.

Warm up-
4 x 200 @ 3:30/4:00
#1 swim
#2 kick/drill by 50s
#3 drill/swim by 25s
#4 pull

Main Set
Four rounds:
1 x 100 free @ 1:30/1:50
4 x 75 choice @ 1:15/1:30 first 25 is drill, 50 build
4 x 50 free @ 1:00/1:10 best average

Best Average
Holding the best time possible for the number of repeats on the given interval.
Your pace on a best average set should be faster than when you swim threshold, but not as fast as sprint pace.