Upcoming Meets!

I hope everyone is off to a fabulous New Year! Let's talk about some intentions as we moved forward through these cold and dreary months! I am talking about SWIM MEETS! There are a couple fun events coming up that everyone should consider.

Swim-A-Poolooza 2015 (Jan 25): This is a 100 x 100 challenge in Lemont. Additionally, there is also a 100 x 75 or 100 x 50 distance. Each distance (100, 75, 50) are set at the 1:40 interval. Anyone up for this challenge?!

St. Charles Masters Super Bowl Meet (Feb 1): This is a fun one! Why not pick a couple events and swim before you head to your Super Bowl parties! The meet starts at 8 AM and if you swim towards the beginning of the meet you can be on your way before the noon hour!

I have already signed up...400 IM for me! Beware the deadline is Monday, January 19th and there are NO DECK ENTRIES! So, go and sign up and let's get a group to go swim at this meet!

High Ridge Dolphins Masters Meet (March 8)