12/23 Festivus!

Brought to popularity by the 1997 hit sitcom, Seinfeld, December 23rd or Festivus is a different way to celebrate the holiday season--For the rest of us!

Air those grievances with the following set, then join me in the deep end for...

*Those not wanting to participate in the Feats of Strength in the deep end...an additional workout will be posted at the bottom of this post.*
First, if you are feeling festive, take a minute with your lane and construct the "Festivus pole" (think kick boards and pull buoys). Traditionally, it's a bare aluminum pole...but, get creative. Otherwise, jump right into to...
Airing The Grievances: (:30 secs rest between 200s)
200/150 swim
200/150 kick
200/150 pull w/paddles
200/150 swim w/fins
200/150 swim w/paddles
200/150 swim w/fins and paddles
Now, it's time for the Feats! Pick one of the following...kidding!...You have to do ALL OF THEM--Happy Festivus! We will complete the Feats together...so, let's get started right away with practice today!
Feat #1: 400 IM for time from the block
Feat #2: 10 x :30 secs tread with 10 lb brick w/ 2 hands out of the water! Rest :30 or switch off with the people in your lane.
Feat #3: 10 x 25 @:30 w/ fins underwater
Feat #4: Relays! Relays! Relays! Get ready to swim fast!
Feat #5: Kenny's
Don't want to partake in the Feats...do this set
4 x 100  IM
5 x 100 FR w/ 5 pushups or 10 squats after each 100
8 x 75
  • odds: FR
  • evens: 25 choice STROKE (pick your weakest stroke) / 25 FR / 25 choice STROKE (pick your weakest stroke)
Kick set: non-stop...do you see the pattern? Do this for 15 mins!
25 ez
25 fast
25 ez
50 fast
25 ez
75 fast
25 ez
100 fast
25 ez