Now starts the FIRST OF 2 WEEKS OF 

We have 2 weeks and 6 practices until the New Year!! It's time to crush those winter blues and attack all the holiday cookie consumption with some time in the pool! A few notes as we look at the weeks ahead!

  • Practice on Tuesdays, December 23rd & 30th, have been moved to 7-8 pm. 
  • There have been 2 added practices in lieu of Christmas Day and New Year's Day!
    • Christmas Eve, December 24th 7-8 am
    • New Years Eve, December 31st, 7-8 am
  • Saturday practices remain the same 6-7 am
  • If you have the energy after all the madness, let's celebrate our last double practice of 2014 at Kenny's on Tuesday, December 23rd. Come, mingle, and Be Merry!

Saturday's Practice

The 12 Days of Christmas!

That's all you need to know for now. See you bright and early!