Thursday 9/22

Thursday 9/22


The LTHS Girls’ Swim Team has a meet tonight. We will get in as soon as we can at the conclusion of the meet.


Warm up:

400/300 swim

200 pull

4x50 free build



Main set:

1x200/100 IM

3x50 fly drill

4x25 fly with fins(fast)


1x200/100 IM

3x50 back drill

4x25 back with fins(fast)


1x200/100 IM

3x50 breast drill

4x25 breast (perfect pullouts)


1x200/100 IM

3x50 free drill

4x25 free with fins(fast)


Cool down:

200 easy


Total is 2800/2300

It was also requested I get back on schedule with the last Thursdsy of the month being a double practice so here it is:

Please join us at Brixie's (9526 Ogden Avenue, Brookfield, IL) after practice for a little social get-together if you can.

No purchase necessary. 
Brixie's Thursday Specials: 
3/$4 Tacos
$1 OFF craft cocktails
$3 Shots of Buffalo Trace Bourbon