Tuesday 9/8

Masters 9/8/15

Focus Week #4: review back, breast, free

Warm up:

500/400 your choice…mix it up (swim, kick, & pull)

3x50s favorite stroke descend 1-3 @ 1:00

3x50s least favorite stroke descend 1-3 @ 1:00


Drill Set:

4/3x50s @ 1:00 Backstroke drills:

2- 25 right arm only/25 left arm only

2- closed fists


4/3x50s @ 1:00 Breaststroke drills:

2- 3 second glide

2- kick paul kick


4/3x50s @ 1:00 Freestyle drills:

2- 3pulls 6kicks

2- closed fists


Emphasizes the power of the hand in the pull through and proper arm pull through.

• Pretty simple to describe. Swim backstroke  or freestyle with your hands in a closed fist. Notice how much harder it is? This demonstrates the important role your hands have in feeling and sculling the water when pulling through. However, you are getting somewhere right? This drill also emphasizes that your forearms contribute to the pull through. In fact, your hands and forearms work as one unit. When your hands are clenched, try to press on the water with the palm side of your forearm. In all the strokes, the lower arm, from elbow to wrist, is an extension of your hand, or one unit.

• When doing fist swimming, take the time to work on the angle of your pull through, making sure to find the sweet spot where you draw the elbow in close to your body, and “throw something at your feet”.


Main Set:

Round #1- back, breast, or IM no free

3/2x(6x25s @ :40

1x50 easy between rounds


1x100 All Out


Round #2- all free

3/2x(6x25s @ :30 hold threshold pace 100 time per 25

1x50 east between rounds


1x100 All Out from the blocks!


Think about your 100 free swim:

1st 25 keep it long and strong, including streamlines

2nd 25 build and accelerate including the turn

3rd 25 hard and strong legs

4th 25 everything you have left


200 cool down