Tuesday 9/1

Tuesday 9/1/15

Focus Week #3: Breaststroke

Drill #1: 3 Second Glide Breaststroke

Three Second Glide Breaststroke-Hold the streamlined (stretched) position of the stroke for a full count of three. Keep your head down and neck straight. In the breaststroke, be sure not to stop your hands under your body, but only in the extended position. Then, start the pull slowly, pitching the hands outward until they are shoulder width apart, and then accelerate your hands through the power phase (the in sweep), continuing all the way through to the recovery.

Drill #2: Kick Pull Kick Breaststroke

This drill lets you focus on your kick and improve your streamline position under water.To do this drill you basically execute the movements of the normal breaststroke cycle. But instead of kicking once with your legs and pulling once with your arms per stroke cycle, you kick twice with your legs and then pull once with your arms per cycle starting with a kick then pull then kick and repeat.

Warm Up:

400/300 every 4th lap is non-free

300/200 pull breathe 3-5-7 by 25

6/4 x 50s kick choice…25 fast/25 easy


4 x 75…25 breast 3 second glide/25 breast kick-pull-kick/25 breast

4 x 75 free rotate 25 fast; last 75 is all fast

4 x 75 IM odds:fly/back/breast; evens: back/breast/free

4 x 75 free concentrate on distance per stroke and long streamlines

4 x 75 breaststroke kick with a board or on back

4 x 75 swim w/fins free or your choice ALL OUT FAST 

4 x 75 ascend 1st one fast, last one easy