Masters 3/22

Masters 3/22/16

I'd like to focus again on the early vertical forearm in freestyle.


The catch is the most technical part of your stroke, and an area where small changes can lead to large improvements.

The most important thing about your catch is to take advantage of every angle. The idea is to find the angles that let you grab as much water as possible during every part of the pull. 

As the pull begins, notice that the elbow is high and fingers point toward the bottom of the pool. Try to form a straight line from the elbow through my wrist, across the palm, and all the way to the fingertips.

Warm up:
700- 150 FR/100 IM drill/100 kick w/board
8x25s kick sprint cycle @ :40

Main set:
Focus on an early vertical forearm 
4x50s free drill superman catch up @ :55/1:10
6x75s free pull @ 1:25/1:40
8x125s Free rotate the fast 50 @ 2:00/2:15
Rd1- all free, Rd2- fast 50 stroke, no free

16x25s @ :30/:40 choice stroke in groups of 4
3 fast, 1 easy

100 easy