Lots of information

Congrats to all of those who competed in so many different events over these past two months! So many of you have reached out past your comfort zone and I applaud you for it! Let's keep that trend alive!

We are starting this years season much earlier than we have in the past. By doing so, we have some conflicts with the LTHS Highschool Team. Our first 2 Saturday practices of this season are canceled. After we get through these 2 weeks we should be fairly uneffected for the most part moving forward.

So for your first day of practice this is what I can tell you.

Please meet up in the bleachers at the deep side of the pool. I am now coaching part of the age group team that has practice before us so I will get up there a minute or two after 8pm. Please no heckling!!

We will be going over our plan for the season, safety information and a few other items. There will be time for questions!

Then you can change into your suits and participate in a quick and easy swim practice.

New swimmers to the team must give me a copy of your USMS registration. See me after the meeting and we can talk before you get in the pool.

See you Tuesday night!

Coach Steve