Thursdays Workout

For Thursday:

I'm happy to explain what this means and how this works to anyone, just ask!  The focus of today will be our streamline position.  I am also going to be trying to move some people around today to find the right lane for your skill level.  Starting next week we are going to get into the drills for freestyle.....

Remember NO PRACTICE THIS SATURDAY, enjoy your weekend.

For more information on a proper streamline, CLICK HERE

300/200 swim
8/4 x 50 free
16/8 x 25 - Long Streamline off the wall into nice easy freestyle

8/4 x 50 - Long Streamline off wall and freestyle kick 1st 25
               (no kickboard) / your choice stroke

6/4 x 100 - Long Streamline off EVERY WALL, easy freestyle
4/2 x 75 free/choice/free

Total = 2300/1350