Thursday 1/14

Warm up:
300...alternate 50 swim/25 drill pull with or without paddles
300...swim with fins, think about an early vertical forearm on freestyle catch!
12x25s kick sprint cycle (hard/easy, easy/hard, all easy, all hard)

Main set:
6x25s @ :30/35 free, 1st half fast!
6/4x50s @ :55/1:00 swim with paddles focusing on MDPS (maximum distance per stroke)

6x25s @ :30/:35 choice, all fast!
6/4X75s @ 1:20/1:30 pull free no paddles, count your strokes and keep consistent

6x25s @ :30/:35 free, 2nd half fast!
6/4x100s @ 1:30 free swim with fins, descend 1-3, 4-6