Thursday 4/13

Thursday 4/13/17

Warm up:
6 x 100 (last 25 over kick) @ 1:45/2:00
10 x 50 pull @:55/1:00
25 breath by 3s
25 breath by 5s
8x25s @ :40 with fins- fly drill
Odds-- Drill:2-2-2
Swim fly with two strokes to the left, two strokes to the right, and two strokes to the front. Concentrate on pressing your chest, relaxing your recovery and a holding a fairly flat body line. Breathe by sliding the chin on the surface of the water. Get your head back down before your hands strike out front.
Evens-- Drill:1Pull 4Kicks
Do four dolphin kicks followed by one full stroke of regular fly. The first two kicks help establish the catch position. Initiate your arms with the third kick, and use the fourth kick to push through the underwater recovery. It is important that you do not stop your kick to add your stroke in or you lose momentum. With the stroke, think about pulling yourself forward, keeping your chin low and your hips high.

Main Set:
100 easy + 4 x 25 goal 100 goal pace @ :30/:40
100 easy + 3 x 50 goal descend 1-3 @ :50/1:00
100 easy + 2 x 75 build by 25 @ 1:10/1:20
100 easy + 100 ALL OUT

Round 1 all free
Round 2 choice

100 easy