Tuesday 4/18

Masters 4/18/17

Warm up:
400 swim (every 4th 25 is no free)
300 pull
300 Kick

Drill set:
8x50s @ 1:10 Breaststroke drill!
2-Up 2-Down Breaststroke-while swimming under the surface, focus on a narrow kick, and a streamlined glide. While swimming two strokes at the surface, the focus on a quick breath and continuous pull with fast hands shooting forward.
One-Arm Breaststroke- helps swimmers who have a tendency to pull too far back. By keeping the other arm extended, the swimmer can better judge the position of their pulling arm. This drill is very effective for promoting awareness of the vertical forearm.

6 x 75 @ 1:20 Progression - roving 25 is fast and can be free or their choice of stroke as long as they keep all 3 the same stroke.  (ex. 1=25 fast, 75 easy, 2= 25 easy, 25 fast, 50 easy...repeat)

Main set:
1x100 IM @ 1:50 at least 4 u/w dolphin kicks
4x50s IMO @ 1:00 build drill
1x100 free @ 1:35 at least 4 u/w dolphin kicks
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100 Cool down