Thursday 4/7

Masters 4/7

Great timed 500s on Tuesday night!! 
That was fun :).

Warm up-
300/200 swim 75 swim/25 drill
200/100 IM drill/swim

Kick set-
8x50s kick @ 1:00/1:10
10 fast kicks/10 easy kicks

Skill set-
8x50s @ 1:10, 2 of each stroke
25- free or fly w/2 breaths/ 25 drill choice
Fly- 1 pull 4 kicks, work on pressing chest and getting hips up during kick
Back- 3 pull/6kicks, keep head back and still and rotate
Breast- kick/pull/kick, focus on reaching, looking down, finish stroke out from with palms facing down
Free- 3/4 catch, fingertips enter first, out in front of shoulder and remain pointing down with an early vertical forearm under the water

Main set-
24x25s choice @ :30/:40
1-8...3-4 fast breakout strokes
9-16...flag to flag fast on closing speed- fast finish

8/6 x 125 FR...25 w/6 fast strokes/ 75 build / 25 last 6 strokes fast @ 2:00/2:10

100/50 Cool down