Tuesday 4/19

CONGRATULATIONS to the 8 Lyons Masters swimmers (Eric Johnson, Greg Clark, John Costello, Thomas Slad, Paul Busse, Josh Dunn, Joe Hladik, and Brian Donatelli) that competed at the Illinois State Masters Swim Meet this past weekend. Lyons Masters finished 11th place overall. There were many season best times, top 3 individual and relay finishes, state and pool records broken, and a lot of fun to watch! Full results can be found here-

Tuesday 4/19/16

Warm up-
400 swim
8x25s sprint cycle @ :30/:40
6x50s kick free w/fins @ :50/1:00

Main set-
12x25s fly with fins @ :30/:40
Odds- drill, Evens- swim
2x200s free @ 3:15/3:45
6x50s bk swim w/paddles @ 1:00/1:10
2x200s free @ 3:15/3:45
4x75s breast 25drill/50swim @ 1:40/2:00
2x200s free @ 3:15/3:45

100 easy