Saturday 6/6

Masters 6/6/15

200 swim
200 IM drill
200 kick

As you swim freestyle today focus on reaching to a full extension like in this video:

Reaching full extension in freestyle is a necessary foundation for swimmers at every level. Learning to create a slippery line to glide through the water, which requires balance, and a sense of flying, will allow you the ability to make decisions later on efficiency or speed.

How to do it:
1 - Swim slow, smooth freestyle, focusing the attention on extending the fingers as far out front as possible.
2 - Focus ONLY on extending the hand as far forward as possible, and not on the pull, finish, or recovery of the stroke.
3 - Feel what part of the hand has the most pressure on it. It should be the relaxed fingers out front, not the palm.

When the focus is only on extension, there are other aspects of the stroke that start to come together. Better balance will help you drive the hand forward in a more direct line. You'll also connect the arm to the body rotation, which will ultimately give you a more powerful pull.

8/6x100s WITH FINS @ 1:50/2:00
odds- 25 left side kick/25right side kick/50 streamline kick on back
evens- 25 left arm swim/25 right arm swim/50 swim

3/2x300s @ 5:15/6:00
100 free 
100 choice
100 free 

Do 4/3 times choice:
1x50 Build @ :55/1:00
1x50 Fast feet @ :55/1:00
1x50 Fast @ :55/1:00
1x50 Easy @ 2:00