thursday 1/19

Thursday 1/19/17

Warm up-

6/4X100s swim @ 1:40/2:00

25 drill/75 swim choice

4X75s kick @ 1:40, 25 fast/25 easy/25 fast

6/3x50s @ :55 descend 1-3, 4-6



Drill set-

6x50s @ 1:00

3strokes breast/3 strokes fly


How to Do It:
1. The key to this drill is the RATE in which you're taking your strokes. Whichever stroke you start with, listen to the rhythm of that stroke and carry it through when you change the stroke.
2. Start with three strokes of butterfly without breathing, then switch to three strokes of breaststroke, then back to three strokes of butterfly.
3. Next, start with three strokes of breaststroke, then three butterfly, then three breaststroke.

*Figure out what you have to do to match the rhythms. Going from fly to breast, you may have to shorten the strokes in breaststroke to match the rhythm. Going from breast to fly, you may have to extend a bit more on butterfly and push your chest.

Main set-

1x200 @ 3:15, 80% effort

8x25s @ :25 free, hold best possible average 

3x50s @ 1:00 drill free

1x200 @ 3:15, 90% effort

8X25s @ :30 IMO, 2 of each stroke

3x50s @ 1:00 drill choice

1x200 @ 3:15, 100% effort

8x25s @ :30 free, pick 4 fast add up to 100 time, 4 easy

3x50s @ 1:00 ascend free