tuesday 1/10/17

Tuesday 1/10/17

Warm up-

500/300 swim

3x150s @ 2:30 pull, breath 3,5,7 by 50

3x100s @ 1:45/2:00 25 free/50 choice/25 free

work on streamlines, 2-3 dolphin kicks!


Kick set-

8x50s streamline on back kick with fins @ 1:20

10 second vertical kick at the 25, hands up


Main set-

12/8x75s free @ 1:15/1:25

1-drill, 3-descend

Drill= 3/4 catch-up

On the drill focus on an early vertical forearm (EVF)

EVF is a technique that applies to all of your strokes, and you should try to achieve it universally. While swimming 3/4 catch-up, pause your arm for about two seconds before you begin your pull. As soon as you begin your pull, bend your elbow while creating a stiff forearm and wrist. By bending your elbow, it should pop up relatively close to the surface. As you pull further back, your fingertips will start to point down toward the bottom of the pool. Imagine viewing your stroke from the side profile. You’d be able to see the hand directly below the elbow. This 90 degree angle allows you to press into a power position, activating your large muscle groups. Such a strong position creates a more aggressive and efficient pull.


8/4x50s choice @ :55/1:00

1-drill, 3-descend

Focus on great technic during the drill 50 and holding that stroke while swimming faster!


100 easy