tuesday 1/24

Masters 1/24/17

Warm up-

500 swim 75 swim/25 drill choice of swim & drill

200 pull breathing 3,5,7 


Drill set-(400)

8x50s free drill/swim @ :50/1:00

Back to a basic drill today----

Fingertip Drag Drill

This drill is swimming normal Freestyle while dragging your fingertips along the surface of the water on the recovery. Focus on a high elbow recovery, which ensures proper hand and elbow position at your hand entry. You should also check your body position during this drill, focusing on good side-to-side rotation.

Kick set-

10x50s @ 1:00 with fins

#1-5 fast easy

#6-10 easy fast


Main set-


2x100s @ 1:40/1:50

2x75s @ 1:10/1:20

2x50s @ :50/1:00

2x25s @ :30/:40

#1 fast

#2 easy


Rd1- free

Rd2- choice

Rd3- free

Cool down